Preventing permanent disk scanning on NAS

I’ve set up NAS to collect backups from several PCs and mobile phones. Currently I have 18 Syncthing folders on NAS with hundreds of GB. I let the scanning interval on the default 3600s, which resulted in NAS scanning disks permanently without any pause. Now I’m changing the scanning intervals to 1 week or so and hoping this will resolve the problem.

However, is there a recommended setup for NAS with plenty of folders? What would happen if I turn scanning off completely (Full Rescan Interval = 0s)? And if I turn Watch for Changes off at the same time? Can you recommend this? After all, all changes on NAS are performed by Syncthing alone, and full scan is performed each time Syncthing restarts.

Edit: Most folders on NAS are set as Receive-only.

If you don’t expect any local changes there is no harm in increasing the scan interval. I usually run such folders without fs notifications and one day scan interval, but one week would work too.

(If you have versioning enabled that has its own scan interval as of 1.8.0)

Thank you. Would you advice to turn scanning off completely?

I do not use ST versioning. I use a regular backupping program on NAS that backups all ST data with history.

I can’t immediately think of anything that should break with scans disabled, especially not for a receive only folder.

Another scenario: For photos synchronized from mobile phones, I use receive only folders with disabled deletes. From time to time, I move the photos from these Syncthing folders to my photo folders elsewhere on NAS.

When I do that with both rescanning and watching for changes turned off, Syncthing won’t notice the deleted files till the next rescan (rescan on ST restart or manual rescan). Could this break something in ST (e.g. create conflicts)? I suppose not.

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