Prevent writes locally on each device

I know it’s possible to make a shared folder master on a device, this makes it read only and prevents any changes from remote devices.

My suggestion is to share this information to all other devices and locally prevent those devices from editing the folder. (e.g. making it read only on each local devices and only allow changes to come in from the master synchting server or other devices which are in synch with the master)

This would prevent the folders from getting out of synch in the first place.

I believe there already exists an issue like this on the tracker. Feel free to contribute.

Thanks, I suppose you mean this tracker item: "Do not send changes" flag for trusted read-only nodes · Issue #1439 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub

Seems like it was opened up quite a few months ago, but it hasn’t been assigned to anyone yet :frowning:

It’s a community effort so I am not surprised. If you wish, I can assign it to you, if you are interested in solving it.

I’m interested in solving it and would like to help, but I’m afraid I’m not a developer/coder.

This is something you can do today using standard file permissions - run syncthing as a separate user, and give only that user write permissions to the folder.