Preferred hosts


sorry for the possibly dumb question: I have 3 machines, A, B and C. A has a send-only folder and it’s remote. B and C are on the same lan and are both receive-only. Note that all three machines share the folder with the other 2 (e.g. B shares with A and C).

On purpose, I kept C turned off for a while; when I turned it on, I noticed it was downloading 90% from A and 10% from B, which seems a bit counter-intuitive. In the GUI, B is displayed as “address: 192.168.8.x:22000” Is there any setting I should enable to make local connections preferred?

It downloads more from the device that responds faster.

thanks for the help. so to change this, I should edit A’s config and put a send limit to C?

Depending on what your goal is.

Syncthings’s goal is to get data as fast as possible.

If your goal is “only send data over the internet to my lan once”, then make sure that there is only a single device sharing the folder with the device on the internet.

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