pre-announcing a Hosted Syncthing with backups

Hi folks,

Pre-registrations for, a hosted Syncthing service, are now open. 11sync offers a robust Syncthing peer along with professional backups, all under FOSS (AGPL) licensing.


  • For a few years, I’ve been running a “hosted Syncthing” service for myself, friends, and family.
  • Recognizing a broader need within our community, I decided to expand this service.


  • 11sync offers a datacenter-hosted, 24/7 available Syncthing peer.
  • Professional Backups: you’re not just syncing; you’re securing your data against loss.
  • Community-driven: I have the skills to make something to the broader community. I would like to start an ethical business (more on that later in blog posts), charge fairly and offer the best service I can create.

For more details and to enter the waiting list, visit the website. Your input is invaluable, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to comment here, at IRC (#11sync at or reach out to me directly.


@motiejus would this service also support Syncthing-Android? From my reading, you intend to use the Syncthing official implementation on the server side, do you? So then I guess the answer will be yes. If there is an always on node, reachable “from everywhere” this might maybe the time to so some polish on the scheduled sync features in the Android app for me… :wink:

Yes! Users will get the official syncthing on the server-side and the familiar web UI to configure it.

Direct connection (no NAT) + always available.

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