Praise is important!

I was just casually reading through the commits, to see what cool stuff is going to be in the next release(s), when I realized I didn’t donate this year yet - well this is now fixed.

But I also wanted to take the moment and praise how much I love syncthing. Going through old logs, it seems I installed syncthing on all devices on 20.08.2017 - almost 4 years ago! Today it’s probably the most important application on my PC’s, as it ensures that my data is always with me, wherever I go. This year I also managed to convince my family to use syncthing (+ a password manager, obviously synced by syncthing) - a long overdue step.

Syncthing really is a wonderful piece of engineering - sure, it has it’s bugs, as all software, but it’s definetly getting better every day - it’s been years since I last had to do a database reset to fix an issue. Just today I was reminded on how different software can be: Today I had to use the bugfest also known as Windows and teach it how to operate in a network without gateway (sigh). Things like this remind me that not all applications can be as good as syncthing.

What I want to say is: Thank you, syncthing maintainers and contributors. I hope everyone is well in these times.