Potentially Corrupting Exfat Filesystem?

I encountered an issue with my external SD-card’s filesystem being somewhat corrupted and I’m wondering if syncthing could be the culprit.

Not sure wat kind of information would be useful to determine this, but I have opened an issue on the syncthing-android fork that I’ve been using (idk what is better or worse, I just happened to get this one) and they say it’s not a problem with their app, but with the underlying syncthing usage.

A summary: My phone had issues with the external SD card three or four times now. It was working until a reboot, at which point I think it performs an fsck and notices that something is wrong. Manually mounting it r/w still works, it’s just lineageOS that does not want to automatically mount it.

Anyway, the latest time I came upon this issue, fsck.exfat was not able to fix all the issues. I had to use chkdsk on windows to fix it, and that reported more corruptions. But all of them inside folders that I am syncing with syncthing.

My external SD card is Exfat, and I sync to a windows NTFS computer and a synology NAS with whatever they use (probably ext-4 or such).

Is it possible that syncthing breaks my filesystem? (For the specific errors, please see the link above to the issue.)

Thank you for any insights!

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In principle, no, as filesystems and storage devices are the operating system’s responsibility. No app should ever be able to corrupt a filesystem by using the fileystem APIs.


If it’s the same card that got corrupted, it’s most likely the card that is to blame. SD cards don’t last forever, some are knock-offs of reputable brands that perform poorly and don’t last long.

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I think the first time it got corrupted was a different one, but sure the SD card itself could also be to blame. It’s just curious then that the broken entries were only in syncthing-synced folders.

I’m aware that “in principle”, apps can not corrupt the filesystem but many things don’t work in principle but are still possible. I figure syncthing is not doing weird low-level hacks though, if that’s the response I’m getting.

If you have any idea how I could be certain what the culprit is (despite me not knowing how to reliably reproduce breaking my FS), let me know :slight_smile:

and otherwise, I guess “pretty sure it’s not due to syncthing” is probably the best I could hope for, so thanks!

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