post dbreset to restapi - dosen't work

I’ try to reset db,but it does not work:

then I try to post other folder id in powershell:

doesn’t work either

no error log output

Is it set up incorrectly?

You’re posting to an HTTP URL while Syncthing has been configured to require HTTPS, so you get a redirect, which curl does not follow by default. Use HTTPS instead (and -k as appropriate).

(That’s for the unixy curl; I have no idea what Powershell “curl” is doing.)

In PowerShell, curl is an alias for Invoke-WebRequest IIRC. Just use curl.exe and you should have full compatibility with what other people write about cURL. Luckily, Windows includes the real thing for some time now, just need that little trick to actually use it.

It’s solved. Thank you

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