Possible to sync to a WebDAV folder?

On my phone I have a WebDAV folder mounted, via the DAVx5 app from my private Nextcloud server. I would like to copy all new files from the phone’s DCIM folder to this WebDAV folder. Can I do it with Syncthing? Sorry if it is obvious, but didn’t find the right options in the app GUI.

Not really. Syncthing is designed to sync files between separate devices. It doesn’t support syncing between local directories (and being mounted doesn’t make any difference here).

I don’t know if I fully agree with this. Please let me explain why. Here is what I have setup.

Server 1 > directory Foo > document Bar

Android phone 1 > directory Zoo > document Bar

Laptop 1 > directory Documents > document Bar

Each device (server, Android phone, laptop) has Syncthing installed. Phone is synced to server and laptop is also synced to server. If document Bar gets edited on Android it syncs to the server. The next time the laptop syncs to the server it too gets updated.

Now say a new document BARFoo gets added to directory Zoo on Android 1, that then gets synced to directory Foo on the server. Again, when laptop 1 syncs to the server next, it too will get the new document.

That would equally apply to photos and you don’t need WebDAV to do so.

Edit: You would just need to check with people who use Nextcloud whether or not that breaks any permissions for Nextcloud to be able to access those photos.

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