possible to sync calendar and contacts with syncthing?

Hey there fellow syncthing-ers

I have my files synced by syncthing (from linux to linux). And my latest innovation: using syncthing-android also my photos are easily kept in sync.

At the moment I’m using owncloud with carddav and caldav for my contacts and calendar. But this has the disadvantage of having a single point of failure. If my server is down I can still happily sync my files, but my calendar or my contacts are not kept in sync anymore (additional to davdroid draining my battery on my phone).

My question is: does anyone know a way how to use syncthing to sync the calendar and contacts? (excluding exporting and importing the addressbook manually in android)

build a redundant owncloud /carddav /caldav server? syncthing will happily sync caldav/carddav files, but I don’t know if an app on Android exists, who can “sync” with plain caldav /carddav files (without a server)