Possible to shutdown/restart from the command line?

(Zaki Aziz) #1

Hi, I didn’t see anything in the documentation or when running syncthing -help

I have syncthing running on an instance of Ubuntu and I don’t have access to a web browser on that machine. I don’t think syncthing is properly syncing between the Ubuntu and my local machine (OSX), and I’m trying to restart syncthing on Ubuntu to see if it helps. I’ve already restarted it on OSX using the web GUI

(Audrius Butkevicius) #2

Just kill and restart the process, or use the rest api via curl if you want more advanced access.

(Jakob Borg) #3

Syncthing shuts down gracefully when it gets a TERM signal (the default signal of kill), yes.

(Zaki Aziz) #4

Thanks for the reply guys. I was not able to kill it via sudo kill -9 PID

I also noticed my needs would be met with rsync so I’ve uninstalled syncthing.


killall. There are 2 st processes

(Jakob Borg) #6

Regular kill of either will do the right thing as well. Reaching directly for the hardest sledgehammer available might not, as the -9 kill will be interpreted as a crash and cause a restart when that’s possible, yes.

Generally speaking, never use kill -9. File a bug on whatever program didn’t shut down properly from a normal kill instead.

(Zaki Aziz) #7

Very insightful response Jakob!

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