Possible GUI Issue with Filter by date of restore versions, Windows and TrueNAS/FreeBSD (not production)

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I wonder if you can help.

I’ve had trouble with a Win10 install, it seems that when I go to the restore version option, it won’t allow me to put valid dates in (white background).

I’ve tried to zoom in/out of the window (view the pulldown), and viewed via the browser view, but nothing appears to let me see other date options, or at least press “today”.

I’ve installed on TrueNAS as well (latest version of both) and it appears there’s some date range difficulty with that as well (black background).

Any thoughts welcome.

Cheers, Chris

Looking further into this, I wonder if I’ve got a dirty install. The version on my laptop (Win10) seems fine. I have tried ST a number of times on the computer showing issues, perhaps the installs need cleaning up completely.

There are no file versions to restore.

This means that there are simply no versioned files in the .stversions folder. You can verify this yourself by viewing the folder on the disk using your file explorer. This is also why both filters are non-functional.

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Thank you @tomasz86 , it’s a little strange, as I’ve edited the same file several times now, so there should be some there.

When I reveal hidden folders, the stfolders is there but is empty.

The odd thing, not that it matters as the versioning isn’t working, but the default date range seems to be backwards (with a ST restart).

Sorry, something I didn’t mention was that I’m trying the option to have the version path elsewhere. I also tried that folder too and had no success.

You can ignore the strange date. That’s a known issue, which only happens when the versions folder is empty.

Please keep in mind that file versioning is local, meaning that if you edit files on Device A, the modifications will be versioned on Device B, and vice versa. In other words, what you edit on Device A will not be versioned on Device A but only on other devices.

The custom versions path shouldn’t matter. As long as there are files inside the folder, Syncthing will display them in the Restore Versions window.

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Thank you for explaining this, it’s very much appreciated and I hope the question doesn’t appear too often.

OK, I think I’ve got the hang of it now, it’s not as expected.

So Device A has staggered versioning enabled. Version history will not function on Device A.

However, if file versioning is enabled on Device B, it does work, when a file is changed on Device A.

So in the event of a restore being needed of an earlier version of a file on Device A, Device B needs to be accessed in order to perform the restore? That’s how I presently see it, but I very much welcome your confirmation.

Yes, that’s exactly how versioning works. Syncthing can’t version the file on Device A, because it only knows about the changes after they’ve taken place. If you want to have access to the versioned files on all devices though, you can simply sync the versions folder itself.

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You’ve been enormously helpful Tomasz, thank you so much for clarifying. I thought I had an understanding of ST, but you’ve really helped push me over the edge and have useful knowledge. Thank you very much.

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