Possible directory path bug on Mac OSX

I think I just hit a pretty nasty bug. I was changing the scan timeout on my Mac for a repository and then went to browse the repo on a Windows machine. All but a handful of files were remaining. I looked on the Mac, same thing (ie ~/SyncThing/Docs/ was basically empty). Then I noticed that there’s now a ~/Docs directory with all the files in it.

I’ve shutdown SyncThing on both machines.

Is there a process or transfer log on either system so I can see exactly what happened?

Not other that what you see on the console. What directory is set in the config?

The config was set to ~/SyncThing/Docs.

For now, I took a copy of the ~/Docs folder and made a new repository using the full path /Users/Andrew/SyncThing/Docs_NEW and removed the old/original Docs repository. I do have another repo called Transfer that is still using the tilde (~/SyncThing/Transfer) and it’s working fine. I’ve tried messing with it (changing repo settings while it’s sync’ing from the Win machine, restarting while it’s sync’ing etc) and it’s fine.

The new Docs_NEW repo seems to be working and has correctly sync’d over to the Windows machine. From what I can tell no files were actually lost on the Mac (checked against a backup copy of the original directory I had), the directory was simply moved from ~/SyncThing/Docs to ~/Docs which resulted in all the files on the Windows machine being deleted.

I’ll let you know if I find a repro case or of any other oddities.