Possible Conflict Between Ignored Files and Versions Path


I think I’m seeing something unexpected here:

In order to give users insight into the Syncthing versions folder (so they can clear out space if they fill up their disk), I set the Versions Path to ‘__Sync Backups’ instead of the standard .stversions (giving two underscores at the start pretty much ensures it always sorts to the top of a file listing).

I also add this name to my Ignore files list - but I’m still seeing file paths beginning ‘__Sync Backups’ in my list of syncing files.

This prompts two questions for starters:

  • Is the Versions Path automatically excluded from syncing?
  • Should I expect problems by having two underscores at the beginning of an Ignore pattern?

Many thanks!

For 1 think no, we only explicitly ignore .stversions (yet I guess it could be buggy). For 2 no, its possible that syncthing picked up and started syncing files in that directory before you added the pattern, and it should stop on the next cycle (yet it won’t delete the content).

Thanks Audrius. I’ll see what more I can find out and see if I can reproduce it - I was definitely seeing items in the ‘__Sync Backups’ path coming through.

This system has has been set up this way for months, so it shouldn’t be pulling these files by now. (Of course, it’s probably been behaving this way for months rather than this being a new behaviour - but I’ve not looked into it before.)


For the record, I’ve tried reproducing this - and failed.

In the Out of Sync Items listing, I was definitely seeing progress bars against files in my Versions Paths - but I also see a lot of sluggishness in this list when there’s a large sync backlog - so perhaps the file name fields hadn’t yet updated properly in the view I was watching?..

I’ll keep an eye on it, and report back if I see it again.

I’ve explained why this could have happened above

Thanks Audrius - but, as I wrote, this system has been set up this way (with the Ignore Patterns defined) for months - yet it looked as though contents of the Versions Path were being downloaded.

At present, I can’t confirm if this was actually the case, or if it was just a display issue. Certainly no-one else seems to be commenting that they have this issue - so I’m leaning towards it just being a display issue.

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