Possible Bug In Web UI Download/Upload Rate Reporting


I’ve recently noticed a potential small bug in the web UI:

Looking at a two-device cluster and comparing the Download Rate and Upload Rate in the This Device and Remote Devices view, I’m seeing exactly the same figures in each heading - whereas I would expect the sense of them to be opposite (i.e. Download Rate on This Device is the same at the Upload Rate on the Remote Device).

Just thought you should know…

This is correct. The overall displays how much DL/UL speed you get from/to all remote devices. Inside the remote device, you get the DL/UL speed you get from/to that device.

If you download from 2 devices, each of them can upload 10 MBit/s, you get 10 MBit/s in each of the devices for download the download speed and 20 MBit/s inside this device.


Ooops - my bad. Should have read the documentation before spouting off:

All transfer rates (“Download Rate” and “Upload Rate”) are from the perspective of the local device, even those shown for remote devices.

Sorry for the noise!

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