Possibility to sync deletes after a pc comes online

I have two laptops. Sometimes I work with the old one, sometimes i work with the new one. I have several folders configured to get synced with syncthing. Everything works fine, if both laptops are online and connected.

What I want to achive is, that I can work with one laptop, create new files, delete file and folders, tidy up and sort my data and when the offline laptop comes back online all these work get synced.

But what happens is, that all files I have moves, deleted and so on come back from the old one.

What should I configure to track and sync this changes?

Syncthing will resurrect a file when there’s a sync conflict: deleted on one side, changed on the other. It sounds like the files were changed somehow on the offline laptop; it doesn’t take much, even just a change to the modification time would qualify.

Thank you for your answer. I can reproduce the behavoir I described if I shutdown syncthing, delete some files on the one side, wait a litte bit and start syncthing on again.

I think it should not be possible that the offline laptop modify the files. Do you have any Idea how I can see more about why syncthing is uploading the files again?

You can call syncthing cli debug file <folder-id> <folder-root-relative-file-path> for one of the resurrected files on both sides - that will show which device caused the resurrection, and maybe even why. A next step would be to reproduce again with the model,db debug facilities enabled and capturing those logs.

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