Positive Syncthing review

Since this made me happy when someone posted it on IRC:


Looks like the author of that review is very fond of syncing git repositories, so we may expect a negative review in future, too… :slight_smile:


Or just wait until he gets to “global local state mismatches, can’t revert local changes” hell.

Talking about git repositories:

We should print this off, frame it, and show it to all people syncing git repos.

TIL there are Syncthing questions on Stackoverflow.

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TIL SyncThing Syncthing on SO is the final nail in the coffin of the struggle for the correct case of sYnctHinG.

The struggle is eternal. :grimacing:

Some of my friends call it Synxing - no, they are not chinese :rofl:


It is something of a tongue twister