portable usb Winux version

Hi, I’m trying to make a unique multiplatform win-linux usb key to run syncthing on the key, sharing a single common directory. But I don’t know if the .config folder has to/may be the same for both OS. The idea is to set a system ready to download from one master and spread accross the slaves key ready out of the box, no worry if the key switches from one OS to another as they should all be from the same iso. So shortly, is the .config related to the os or is it common ? Thanks !

The format is common.

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Yet the paths to the folder are not. Yet you should be able to specify relative ones.

Thanks for your answer, But to help people that would read this, it seems the path are used in this file and these are written differently between win-lin, so 2 versions are required anyway… :confused:

You can use relative folder paths in the config.xml, relative paths to the -home flag, and/or a script that figures out its working directory at launch.

The GUI saves absolute paths, but that’s not the only way.

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Hi, When switching from win to linux while a download in process seems to duplicate the temp file because they are not structured the same way : .syncthing.NAME.EXT.tmp versus ~syncthing.NAME.EXT.tmp, using twice the required space. Could it be possible to change that to avoid this behaviour ? Thanks !

Yeah, temp names are different between the two OSes. Don’t do that, for now.