Pls release a version for Pocketbook

Pls release a version for Pocketbook. Pocketbook is linux based and has a published sdk. on the mobile reads forum you can probably read up on how to build for pocketbook. there are many github projects which provide apps for pocketbook. for example koreader.

i dont know enough about developing to do it myself.

here is a tutorial on how to do it. pls provide a package.

Why don’t you just follow that tutorial? It seems sensible, not excessively complicated and I doubt that anyone here can offer much more than that.

Found this thread while trying to install syncthing on a Pocketbook Pro 3 based on the instructions linked above.

Unfortunately they no longer seem to work. The syncthing binary (arm 32bit Linux) crashes with a segmentation fault. What options do we have to get this investigated/fixed?

I made it for PB740. I hope it works not only for me :wink:


Wonderful There is a way to make icons for pocketbook apps. Let me see if i can find the information.

you can add your own icon if you want

here is an icon:

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i got it working with icons. icons need to be 8bit. see tutorial

Good Job! Update soon

with icon

scr0001.bmp (1.3 MB)

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After an update i had to config the files again otherwise it will constantly overwrite with a default version.

If you digg into the config files in the same directory you can probably have syncthing in the control panel too.

Considering that the Menus are all readable it should be quite easy to setup a frontend for syncthing with the native dialogs. even a function inside the control panel.

they did it too.

you can put syncthing under services like the other sync services.