Please, how do I contribute...

… to translation ? I just registered on Transifex, but I can’t see how to change a string. Transifex says all strings are already done. Fine but how to give a better translation to an already done one?

Also, some notification strings aren’t done at all : from french GUI : 2016-07-22 11:04:55: Connecting to "Frined-PC" (syncthing v0.13.9, friend): the remote device speaks an older version of the protocol (v0.13) not compatible with this version

Thank you

EDIT: Ooops : I didn’t join the team. Sorry

But I see one better suggestion (although not as good as mine in my opinion, sorry epoch1970) was already done 3 months ago and not yet applied. And I confirm the notification string above doesn’t show in Transifex. Do you need another reviewer? I’m candidate.

The transifex permissions model is annoying. The first person to join a language becomes a manager of sorts and can mark strings as “reviewed”. These then can’t be changed by other people joining. I have a script I run once every now and then that upgrades everyone to reviewer to work around it.

I would like to use a cleaner alternative to transifex at some point.

Thank you Jakob. Whatever, if I ever become a reviewer, I’d be glad to discuss with other members of the translation team to match our minds before one of us flags a string as reviewed.

Have a nice day man and thank you for all your job. Again.

Hi Jakob

I found I was allowed ( :confused: ) to invite you as a reviewer. So I did also for hogmoru, epoch1070, xJMV and xxxbxxx who already did good job… and myself :fearful:

Feel free to discard what you want

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