Please correct firewall doc

Local Firewall

If your PC has a local firewall, you will need to open the following ports for **incoming traffic**:

 - Port 22000/TCP (or the actual listening port if you have changed the
   Sync Protocol Listen Address setting.)
 - Port 21025/UDP (for discovery broadcasts on IPv4)
 - Port 21026/UDP (for discovery multicasts on IPv6)

I had some drops for outgoing traffic for the last 2 ports. The doc just talks of incoming ports. I would correct it by myself but I am not sure if the last 2 ports are only for outgoing or both.

Last two ports are both.

If you filter outgoing traffic you’re going to have to open random ports all the time, as we can’t know what port the other side is listening on for sync connections (from a documentation point of view).

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