Please can we get syncthing on BB10 OS

Hey All, Please could we get a syncthing app that works on BB10 OS. Please. The community really needs it.

The Blackberry community, you say? I think you’re somewhere in line behind the iOS community.

Sure, but IOS has too much already. It wont mean as much to them as it will to us.

I would not hold your breath for it

Please, do you know what changes would need to be made to the current android version to make it work.

Will some hero take this mission ?

I don’t think it ever worked, and I don’t think you could make any changes to make work, it’s a much worse problem than not being able to write to sd cards on android.

The operating system is simply not something Go can sensibly run on, due to how files are accessed and so on.

I doubt you’ll find a hero who cares about a dead platform.

To the Hero:

We know you’re out there. We know you hear us.

We need your Genius. We need your skill.

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