Pixel 6, app causes me to lose mobile reception when I'm on wifi every 30-60 seconds.

Pixel 6, Android 12. Youtube 3 min vid

Watch/listen to vid above. Sorry low quality vid, but I narrate when reception drops, no bars with “!” sign

Problem/description: (On wifi) After installing app & going thru intro screens, mobile reception drops. reception comes back, but then drops again, repeats every 30 seconds. I turn off wifi, and mobile reception will retain. Obviously, I want wifi running, so this won’t work. What’s going on, how else to troubleshoot, what is causing this?

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this looks like poor hardware design : e.g. things like electrical fields of one radio interfering with other components because maybe something is not properly shielded?!? It may be showing the symptom primarily running Syncthing but anything else suspected to be the real cause behind this. Wifi, cpu, ram usage … normally should be no problem if a computing device is designed well in hardware. On a computer this would be like Prime95 causing it to crash.

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There are known reports of people having these kind of problems with the recent Pixel 6 updates.

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Well here is another report, I am seeing the exact same issue as the OP with my Pixel 6 Pro and Syncthing 1.18.3. It’s easily reproducible. The only workaround I’ve found is to force-stop Syncthing after each use.

I am already on the beta channel for Google Carrier Services, it has no beneficial effect on this issue. And FWIW I have had no connectivity issues other than the single one reported here.

Just to update, it seems that the problem has disappeared after the Google Pixel January 2022 update (which included several bug fixes affecting Pixel 6 connectivity.) There is still a very brief hit on cellular connectivity when the Syncthing app is first started or closed, but otherwise the app seems to function properly now.

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