Phone Web GUI Not Talking to App Interface Apparently

Deleted default Camera folder via phone WEB GUI but it’s still showing in phone app interface. [How do I delete a folder in app interface? Don’t want Syncthing scanning that folder.] Added folder in phone WEB GUI, but it did not show up in app interface until I added it there directly. Also, app did not actually start working until I did all of the setup (Folder/Device ID, etc.) in the app interface. In other words, changes done from phone WEB GUI do not show in app interface, but changes done in app interface DO then show up on phone WEB GUI.

You can delete folders in the app by clicking on them, then clicking on the trash bin icon on the ActionBar.

At the moment, the app GUI only knows about changes done in the app. Otherwise, you could manually restart the app (menu -> exit).

@calmh @AudriusButkevicius How does the web GUI know about changes done by the app GUI? Might be something I should implement.

There is some basic ConfigSaved event which notifies the UI that it should reload the config, but I am not sure that all actual saves fire this event, and sometimes it makes no sense to fire it, given it’s going to need a restart anyway.

Right, I should reload the app GUI on syncthing restart. Haven’t thought of that.