personal backup software to use with Syncthing

I use Syncthing to sync 4 Windows pcs. I want to add personal cloud and local backup to my setup. I seek suggestions for good simple backup that I could set to run automatically.

Syncthing doesn’t conflict with any backup software that I’m aware of, so there are lot options to choose from.

Unfortunately, “good” and “simple” are often at odds with each other when it comes to backup software that supports both personal cloud and local backup.

And without additional details as to what type of cloud service/platform and local backup devices you’re interested in using, the two that I think are definitely worth considering are Rclone and Duplicacy. Both have active user forums and a variety of tutorials on various websites and on YouTube.

Thanks! Will check these out…pko

If you have a lot of data, Backblazes’ unlimited data at $60 a year is a good value vs spinning up your own cloud bucket.