Persistent Introducer biting me


I like the introduce function but i have a case where i feel like this functionality is being way too greedy.

I have many devices of mix types like android, linux, windows etc. So naturally I use one my device as intoruducer everytime I add a new device whic happens frequently through out the year.

Lets say I got a new tablet, and I use the introducer which introduces 20 other devices since this introducer is one of the centrail figures in my network and it actually deals all the shares. Now when I use the intorudcer to add new devices (20 in this case) It is helpful but in all that 20 devices I only use 10 devices so the rest of the 10 devices are useless to me for the time being. Now it is all good until now. The issue arises when i fire up syncthing, add the folders and put the device online. My device starts getting way too chatty even with the devices that I am not share anything with. It is in constant contact with all 20 devices where I only need 10. This is no good for cpu and battery life in general.

The main issue is that i cant delete the nodes from the list because it is served by another introducer. So my proposal is that we should have one dynamic introducer (like the current state of things) and one static introducer where the introducer introduces only one time and does not force what the other device as on the list from that one.

The Introducer only adds devices that actually share the folders you are sharing as well. There should be no useless devices added.

(They may be offline of course, but Syncthing can’t know that without trying to connect.)

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I am not sure about that because I seem to be getting all my devices there.

I’m pretty sure that means they are sharing at least one folder with each other. You can observe it in the logs on the receiving side;

[MRIW7] 19:23:32 INFO: Adding device EJHMPAQ... to config (vouched for by introducer I6KAH76...)
[MRIW7] 19:23:32 INFO: Sharing folder ... with EJHMPAQ... (vouched for by introducer I6KAH76...)

No they were not at least I do not remember setting it.

Today I came to conclusion that that one device that was introduced (I use customm disco server btw) was keeping my android device (a device that was introduced and was not shared folders with) very very very busy at least that is what it was in the log, I saw that there was constantly some kind of connection, some handshaking or messaging between these devices. So I went ahead and made all the introducer=true to introducer=false then I was able to manually delete that device from the config. Since then my Android devices cpu usage went down almost %30, and syncthing is not using %15-20 constant cpu anymore.

So somehow overly chatty clients activity was causing alot of cpu usage on Android. Now you ask what is yourt proof, where are the logs? My proof is my experience, and I did not have time to get the logs. Just sharing my experience.

I will see if I can get some logs from other devices that are in the same situation, I have not fixed on some. Do you want any special log?

This isn’t really about introducers any more I think? I certainly believe that devices that for some reason have bad connectivity and keep connecting / disconnecting can keep a phone busy, no need to prove it to me. :slight_smile:

Well it was about introducers because I initially wanted to delete couple of those guys and I was not able to until I realized that I had to turn of the introducers flag, which seemed to work, at least for now.

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