Permissions when syncing from Windows to Linux - owner doesn't have write?

Hi all, I’m syncing my windows users’ folders (Documents, Pictures, etc) to a Linux server. I’m finding that certain sub folders that are are created by Windows 10 at install time (e.g. ‘Pictures\Camera Roll’) are being synced with 555 permissions on the Linux side while other sub folders that are created by me in the same Pictures folder are being synced as 755. On the windows side, I can’t actually see any difference in the permissions between those subdirectories created by Windows and those created by me. What is it in Windows that is causing these W10 subdirectories to be synced with 555 permissions?

Maybe the read only bit? This is the Go standard library’s lossy interpretation of what it sees in the Windows world, as far as I remember.

Perhaps I’m stating something obvious here, but I always check the “Ignore Permissions” setting on folders that will be synced to both Windows and Linux machines.

And then on each machine, if necessary, I make sure I get the correct permissions using umask/ACLs etc.


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