Permissions problems

I’ve got two nodes: node1 and node2 I created a repo on both, filled one side, the sync starts but apparently syncthing creates the folder on node2 like this:

ls -al Documents/ total 36 drwxrwxr-x 3 1001 staff 3 Jun 30 19:21 . drwxrwxr-x 7 1001 staff 7 Jun 30 19:05 … drwx------ 2 syncer staff 2 Jun 30 19:21 _data

and doesn’t set group access rights which I rely on :-/ (in this example for the folder _data)

How can I tell syncthing to set 775 or 77whatever on the created directories?

Syncthing copies the permissions of files inside the repository. For the repository itself it does not, so it gets set according to the umask of the system. Simply chmod it to whatever you like.

oh so to get this right I should manually create the containing folder and set permissions then sync or is there a way to tell syncthign to use another umask to give my folders 775 permissions?

Syncthing won’t change the permissions once the folder exists, so you can create it beforehand with the desired permissions or change the permissions after syncthing has created the folder.

Cool thanks for the info!