Permission Question

I’ve got a dataset (media) on a FreeNAS server which allows a group to access it, call it “Family” and within the Family group, there’s four individual users. This works fine and we can all access the dataset.

I’ve got syncthing running in a jail on the FreeNAS server, syncing to folders within that dataset - also works fine, no errors with the permission


That’s the permissions for the syncthing jail. The question I have, is when syncthing creates folders etc into the media dataset, it creates them with the syncthing user and permisions for 983. This means that when I log into the dataset via a windows computer and try edit directly from the FreeNAS server I get permission denied errors. Despite the user having access to the dataset it can’t modify the files sycnthings created.

When I modify the files on a separate computer and let syncthing push the changes - that also works fine. Any way of changing what syncthing writes as?

Syncthing will write as the user it’s running as.

Enable ignore permissions in folder settings and use a different umask.

I.e. make sure syncthing runs as a user with Family as the primary group, that the umask allows group writes (0002), and that Ignore Permissions is set on that folder on the NAS.

This is very close to the other almost identical subject being discussed right now… o_O