Permission issues with SteamOS

Hello, i’ve had issues with syncthing ever since i got my steam deck, i’m trying to sync my saves between my devices, i have a pc and the deck, i also have a legion go that i’m trying out right now to see if i keep that or the deck, and so far the only issue with the deck is syncthing, it can access some files, and some it cannot (i think)

Basically if for example i use a non steam version of elden ring, set up my paths it says “Folder marker missing” so that means the stfolder didn’t create correctly, so i create a file call it stfolder and then it just says out of sync?

Some things it works with, but most things it doesn’t, i tried to give it permission through flatseal by just adding the directory to my elden ring save but it never works even after restarts etc… that’s the only issue i have with my steam deck and the only reason i’m considering returning it right now. thanks for the help