Permission issue

I am running the syncthing on a docker which is installed on OMV.

when i am trying to put the folder path , it gives persmision issue.

the folder that i am trying to enter as a download is a shared folder

below is the error detials. 2021-02-11 21:35:16: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Files: permission denied

2021-02-11 21:35:16: Error on folder “Movies” (Movies): folder path missing

I am guessing it is a Docker sandbox issue. Have you mounted the location within the Docker container?

That should be more of an access problem. Docker doesn’t seem to have any access. The container requires user or group information from the operating system. There must be a user or a group that is stored in the container and gives the container the authorization for access that has been assigned accordingly.

I don’t know what OMV is, in the Linux world these are the system IDs PUID and PGID, which are in the files password and group.

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