"Permission Denied" Problem - Debian "Buster"

One of my nodes is on a RPi running Debian “Buster”. Syncthing version is 1.18.4 Several of the directory folders are showing “Out-Of-Sync” and the reason is conflicted files. I would like to delete these files…I have backups elsewhere…but when I log in to the Pi with the GUI and try to delete the files, I get message that “Permission Denied”.

I don’t know what user Syncthing is logged in as (how do I find that out …NOOB…sorry :flushed:), so I don’t know what user to CHOWN the directories and files in Syncthing so I can delete what I want/

I have set Syncthing to ignore permissions but that doesn’t seem to help.

Will appreciate detailed suggestions/commands, for, as said previously, a “NOOB”.

Please post screenshots showing the GUI on all sides. You can censor folder and device names, if needed, but please leave everything else visible.

How do you mean “on all sides?”

All involved devices.

I am away for a few days but will post the information later this week

Here are the screenshots from the two affected devices…the others only synchronize one file. The Thunderbird folder has over 2000 items that are out-of-sync. As you can see, all give permission denied so I can’t delete them on the RPi.

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