Permission denied on versioning server

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Windows 10 client as with SyncTrayzor, 2 “backup servers” (Debian 9) with user syncthing running Syncthing.

If I try to setup versioning on any of the backup folders I’m quickly stopped by both devices syncing forever on SyncTrayzor/Workstation and “Out of sync/Permission denied on rename” on both servers. Not all file modification provoke this, but when they do, it’s every time; For example “WinSCP.ini” never goes through.

I restarted everything multiple times, nothing better.

Where should I go from there? Thanks

The files are probably open by some app, hence cannot be synced. Close all apps.

You are right, these files are opened, and closed. And as I wrote in my first message, there is no trouble on the workstation (Windows). At least apparently! The problem arises when they are synced from the workstation to the servers (Debian): the previous version of the file cannot be “renamed” to the .stversions folder. And no restart changes that.

My point is, these errors (yet you haven’t pased actual logs), actually come from the operating system, so there is little we can do.

Some more tests later :slight_smile: And I think I found where the trouble initiates from. In the path of these modified files there is a read only folder. Just the folder but that seems enough.

In Windows you can customize a folder with some icon, two things happen, a desktop file is added inside the folder and the folder itself is marked as read-only.

So as of today Syncthing versioning forbids folder customization.

I have to correct my previous answer :frowning:

I’m not an expert with Linux, but it seems impossible - without root - to move/delete a writable file in a read-only folder. Which is exactly the idea when you want to use versioning in a customized (windows) folder.

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