permission denied on files with colon ":" on android 11 / permission denied on .syncthing...tmp files on android

first I thought it was an issue of the android wrapper:

now I’m not so sure. the problem files are all created with “curl … -o file.mp3” and regardless of what I do after ST saw them they cause the issue. if I -o the files elsewhere and rsync them into the ST shared folder, it seems to work fine. not sure in which direction to think next.

Show the actual error.

it is in the link provided. I repeat it here:

syncing: opening temp file: open /storage/emulated/0/Bunny Squad Common/Murmeltier/.syncthing.murmel_2020-12-24T04:59:06.mp3.tmp: operation not permitted

Assuming Syncthing can create other files there (not a given on android) I would suspect the file system doesn’t like the file name with colons.

oh! of course! the colon! it was was the cause of the problem. somehow android 10 is ok with it and 11 is not (on oneplus 8). haven’t noticed any difference in the output of mount on both devices but I have not yet looked diligently.

thank you very much for helping me see the obvious :slight_smile:


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