Permission denied on file within synced folder

One of my nodes gets a permission denied error on a single file and can’t finish scanning/syncing due to that. The file is set to 777 and it belongs to the user that is starting the syncthing binary. What is wrong?

Did you also check parent directory permissions?

When I got the permission error the first time, I chowned the whole sync folder. Additionally, this is just one of many files within folder and only this one receives the error. It is a bash script, incidentally an extremely important one, though.

Apparently the permissions weren’t set correctly, after all. I am trying to sync the folder again with permissions set to 777 for this specific folder.

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It doesn’t give an error anymore and the client node says “Up to Date” on the to be synced folder. Problem is now, that another node that shares this folder simply won’t finish downloading all the necessary files and claims to be “Up to Date” as well, even though it is missing about 16GB of data.

Solved it by completely purging the directory on the receiving node, recreating it, putting an .stfolder folder there and sharing the folder-sync within the Syncthing GUI over again.

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