Permission denied on a folder, android

Syncthing just got updated I think, which also made it request permission to all files, which I granted. It still (and has for a long time) has this error in one of my folders. How can I fix this?

I think the answer here is that “all” files doesn’t exactly include everything. I believe the relevant information is under, and specifically the following.

Write access to all internal storage directories⁠, except for /Android/data/ , /sdcard/Android , and most subdirectories of /sdcard/Android . This write access includes direct file path access.

The only way to be able to access those folders is probably to run Syncthing as root.

Aha, thanks! I guess the most appropriate solution here is to let the recordig app write the recordings to a different folder, which seems possible. But I’m not sure if I’m able to move the recordings to the new folder if no app will have permission to those files…

I actually use the exact same app, and you can indeed copy the existing recordings by “sharing” them from within the app using the standard Android share functionality :slightly_smiling_face:.

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