Permission denied (0Bytes) 8.3 related ?


I got this on the “core” device in a 3-Windows10-only-cluster. In fact it is a friend’s setup. The core device showing the error couldn’t fetch (download) the 3 changes from the 2 others that where up to date with each other from their own pov.

I checked permissions and nothing was wrong, the running user having full control over the shared folder whole tree and the 3 empty subfolders that where in error. Fortunately, because they shouldn’t be deleted, and there the long term staggered versionning trash can saved us. I just moved files in there to the genuine subfolders, and everything went up to date, …and the friend still can’t say anything about this unwanted deletion.

Having read the last notifications 8.3 issues closures, this brought to my mind to check on this side.

Path\to\Folder>dir /a:d /s /x>deviceX.txt 

in the idea to run a sha256sum over the 3 files and eventually a diff if they were different. I found the 2 other peers had no SFN at all. A quick search on net with that and I realized the “core” device is the only one in the cluster that has the shared folder in the C:\ drive, so it is the single one that deals with 8.3 SFN. Non-system drives won’t use FSN, as per Windows defaults (I know I can change).

Any idea if that could be related ?

Thank you

I have no idea what SFN or FSN is, so :man_shrugging:

Probably SFN(Short File Name) in both cases.

Yes, it is.

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