Perhaps I don't know what I'm Doing

I have a server that syncs down to several computers, one way. The server died the other day so I moved the drive from the server (with my master files) to a new server, setup Syncthing and reconnected the remote computers. But Syncthing is now saying out of sync and trying to replace the files (that are already there) on the remote computers…many TB worth…at this rate it will take weeks to sync. If the files on the remote are the same as the server why is ST trying to overwrite them? Thanks for any advice.

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So you set up syncthing fresh on the new server, i.e. didn’t copy the db or anything, right? (That’s good, just in case it came across differently).

If so, do you actually see transfers? What will happen is that syncthing first needs to rehash everything, which already takes lots of time. Then it will need to check with all the other devices that the files are actually the same. Until it has done so, it will look out-of-sync/syncing, because that’s what it does, even if it ends up just agreeing with everyone that there is nothing to do because everything is equal.

Thanks, yes fresh setup. It did a scan, but then started overwriting the files on the remote. so I deleted the shares on the remote and added it back, as a server requested share, but all the items come up as out of sync and they start coping again…

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