Per folder network sync settings

I currently sync between Windows, Linux, MacOS and three android devices. At a high level, I have a folder for syncing Music and another folder for text files (to-dos, shopping lists, contacts, calendars, etc).

I would like to disable syncing on mobile network for Music folder as the files are large but I need the text based files folder to be synced always even on mobile network.

I could not find an easy way to do this and here are couple of approaches I am thinking of, none ideal.

  1. Change behavior such that Music folder is updated only when all the phones are on Wifi (it’s getting difficult to manage this)
  2. Move Music folder syncing outside of Syncthing but I didn’t find a suitable solution and enable “Wifi only syncing” on that app
  3. Manually update the content on devices. Ugh !!

Not sure if this is possible with the current design of Syncthing so I thought I would check.

Syncthing itself has no options to disable sync based on connection type or anything.

The Syncthing-Android App only has the option to start/shutdown syncthing completely on specific scenarios (connection, battery, …).

But there is no build-in possibility to disable specific folders based on specific scenarios.

You need something like tasker or automagic to react to wifi connect/disconnect and get, change and post the config to the REST API.

Kill me … But Syncthing-Fork can actually do this. Not advertising but if people want a solution to this problem it should be mentioned one time that there is one. (Please don’t make this a fork discussion)


Thanks. This is precisely what I wanted. I am in business now after export from syncthing and import to syncthing-fork.

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