pdf notes won't sync automatically on Android

I check the forum, there is only one thread about pdf notes: Debugging sync conflicts appearing on an android device , I don’t know why he can sync notes from Android device.

What happened: when I add notes on PDF of android device, the modification won’t sync automatically until I click “rescan” button. While the modification on win10 will sync normally.

What you expected to happen instead: sync PDF files after adding notes on android

Steps to reproduce the problem: s1. Add notes on a PDF file and save it s2. Wait for one or two minutes, find nothing synced on win10 s3. Click “Rescan” on android syncthing website s4. Find notes of PDF are synced

Version Information

This is most likely due to the filesystem on the phone not supporting watching. I suspect some phone vendors butcher the filesystem implementations.

You can disable watching and enable periodic scanning (every 60s or so instead)

After doing what you said, notes can sync now. But I found it would rescan after about 3mins when I uncheck “Watch for Changes” first time, even though the default rescan interval is 60. After I reset rescan interval to 60 and save configuration, it will rescan at about 1min

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