Pausing Syncthing auto-sync

Good day,

I’ve just downloaded Syncthing on my Huawei phone (runs on emui which is based on Android) but I can’t find the option to enable or disable auto-sync in the quick tile settings. I can’t find it in the F-Droid app either.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Would like to know how to enable or disable auto-sync in the quick tile settings or in the app without rooting my phone.

Auto-sync is basically how Syncthing works. It doesn’t have a sync-on-demand or similar capability. You can set some conditions in the Android app, e.g. to run only on Wi-Fi, etc., or you can simply pause the folders/devices in question to prevent them from syncing.

Just for the record, rooting will not make any difference in this regard.

OK, I just found out that the Auto-sync quick tile I was looking for was here(settings->manage accounts->auto-sync data; Samsung tablet);apparently Syncthing doesn’t come with a Auto-sync quick tile. :rofl:

Thanks for the answer anyway, and have a nice day ahead :joy:

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