Pause all folders?


Is there a way to pause and unpause all folders? I want to script it but I do not want to put individual folder names because the script will be shared between devices with different configurations.

You can pause them when starting by using the -paused option. The other option is to edit the config via the REST interface - set the pause option on each, and POST it back.

Or pause all devices which will be of equivalent behaviour.

I’d use this.

Suppose I have 20 different folders of database backups with 1-4gb in each. I turn off my computer and go away for the weekend, and turn it back on on Monday morning. Syncthing starts syncing all the folders for a weekend’s worth of backups, but I urgently need the latest database from folder A and I don’t want to have to wait for everything else.

What I want to do is pause all folders except for A, sync folder A, and then unpause all the other folders once I’ve got A’s database to start working on. It’s a bit annoying doing each folder by hand.

I suggested it a while back: PR #3520 (comment) Not sure why it was eventually dismissed, kinda lost track of it…

Now it seems like there’s more requests for it though :slight_smile: So maybe it will be reconsidered.

It doesn’t look dismissed, it looks lost in a long thread about many things. :slight_smile:

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Well, then here we go :slight_smile:

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