Pause all devices / suspend all activities


sometimes syncthing slows the PC tremendously.

When trying to work or play using the PC there is no other option than to stop syncthing.

But then when i start it again later it needs to rescan and load everything again. When you have large folders and slow disks this can take 12 hours or more.

But what if we could suspend syncthing, so it will not lose its state, but be dormant for a while, until we resume it again?

What do you think, might this be possible?

One idea i had is to simply pause all devices (add a button for that).
But currently there are some problems connected to this as well (see Disconnect and lots of log when pausing a folder).

Let me know what you think. And thanks for the great work you are doing!

Greetings Fred;

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Ah i had another refined idea:

We would need to stop the pullers, copiers and network components.

The file watcher and connected scanner should keep running, so it keeps track of changes, but no times full scans should happen.

I believe by doing so you have something like a Flight Mode.

The state of the files will remain up-to-date, but the rest can be paused and thus the system load can be reduced (temporarily) without any problems.

Greetings Fred;

This is what would happen if there were a button to pause all devices, or if you just pause them all as-is.

Ok great.

Then i only wish there was a button to (un)pause all devices (maybe except those that were manually paused before).

And that the puller does not print all unfinished files in the logs when i do this. Actually the puller should just stop immediately in this case.

Greetings Fred;