Patch: improve parsing of gui-address overrides

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make checks for whether the gui-address is overridden consistent by checking whether the environment variable is set and not an empty string. the Network() function however checked for the inclusion of a slash instead of the presence of any characters. If the config file’s gui address was set to a unix socket and the gui override to a tcp address, then the function would have wrongly returned “unix”.

the URL() function always returned the config file’s gui address if a unix socket was configured, even if an override was specified.

the URL() function wrongly formatted unix addresses. the http(s) protocol was used as the sheme and the path was percent escaped. because of the previous bug, this could only be triggered if the config file’s gui address was tcp and an unix socket override was given.

simplify the useTLS() function’s codepath for overrides.

0001-improve-parsing-of-gui-address-overrides.patch (2.6 KB)

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You mean that the screen remains empty after trying to create a fork? Just try again a couple of times and eventually it’ll work.

I did try to fork multiple times, but apparently not enough :stuck_out_tongue: good to know though

thanks for the review and merge calmh!