Patch: correctly describe how to use unix sockets for gui

This PR to https colon //github dot com/syncthing/syncthing-docs is delivered to you by uploading diffs to discourse because the github UI is broken and won’t let me create a fork.

the docs for --gui-address incorrectly state that if a file path is given, a unix socket at that location will be used.

syncthing supports serving the gui and api over a unix socket. this can be configured via an cli or environment override. this commit corrects the documentation on this to match the way that syncthing behaves.

the gui-address cli option needs an url like “unix://” to listen on unix sockets. if an (absolute) path is specified, the cli override is ignored and the gui.address from the config file is used. I think this was done because syncthing supports https (http over tls) over unix, and there needed to be a way to enable that. in the config file there is an attribute tls on the gui element. on the cli this is encoded in the url scheme: “unixs” and “https” for tls, “unix” and “http” for plain listeners.

0001-improve-parsing-of-gui-address-overrides.patch (2.6 KB)

This patch is for lib/config, not the docs.

oops, correct. I was able to sync the docs repo, so now there is a pull request: correctly describe how to use unix sockets for gui by digtail · Pull Request #827 · syncthing/docs · GitHub