password reset on QNAP

hi all, i forgot my synqthing pw on my QNAP so looked up the config.xml in the .qkpg folder, but in there is no gui section nor password line. where to look? anyone can help?

thx in advance

There may be a hidden .config folder below the .qpkg/pkgname root folder. At least this was the case if you used fathermande’s package.

checked that folder already, but no config.xml file located there, only 0000001.log CURRENT LOCK LOG & MANIFEST000000 files found

Who authored your qpkg? Is it from qoolbox?

didnt know one need authorization? found the qpkg in the inet and installed it

These files sound like they come from the index-0.14.0 folder, the config is one level up.

checked the upper folders as well as all others, can only find 1 config.xml and that has no password entries

I don’t know, we don’t maintain the qnap package. Perhaps qnap forums is a better place to ask.

Try looking for config.xml on the whole filesystem and check if they have <password> in the file.

okay, will check qnap forums, thx all for ur replies

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