Password lost; Can't access ST


i once tried ST on Windows 7 and was stupid enough to setup a password. I did not use it for a couple of months and i forgot the password. I was hoping to fix this by redownloading ST but it did not work for me. Is there a way to completely wipe ST from my system to start from scratch? I already tried to locate the config file but there is not ST folder in my appdata folder…i love ST but im pretty much screwed without access to it Best regards Fanz

Check -help and -paths command line switches

how do i do that?

Find your syncthing.exe binary, and run it with -help and -paths, e.g. syncthing.exe -help.

… where -paths will tell you where the config.xml file is, which you can open with an editor and remove the <user> and <password> tags. Or you can run it with the -reset switch to do a full reset, if that’s really what you want.

Thanks alot to all contributors. I will try that

Sorry another isuues: How do i ad “-reset” to my exe file in windows (i usually use Macos)

I am sure a quick google search can answer that. Running applications with arguments on Windows.

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