Parts of the site still linking to old forum (including confirmation mail)

Hi all. Maybe the person looking after the website and this forum can look into this:

When I go to the Pulse website ( and follow the link to the Discussion forum halfway, this still points to the old (locked) forum ( Only through googling (pulse forum) did I find the correct forum.

Also, when I tried to register for this forum, the link in the confirmation mail also still points to the old forum, so clicking the link in the mail does not work. I had to manually copy the ‘path’ part of the url and paste it after “” in my browsers address bar to activate my account, so If you’re wondering why there are hardly any new forum members since the moving you may now know why :smile:

These basic things being broken since august does not really bode well for the project as a whole, I must say.

Whoops! Yeah, there’s probably still hundreds of links to the old place, it’ll be cleaned up over time. The old address should serve redirects, but a reboot today started the old web server again. Fixed, thanks for bringing it up.

This was since lunch today. I usually try to avoid rising to bait, but since both your first posts on this forum have ended with snide remarks, I’ll just point out that you might get a better response if you yourself give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes.

@robotlovesyou ^ He’s right about the link in the confirmation mail. I don’t see a site setting for it, but there’s a variable in the container file when bootstrapping. Can you look at a lower level please?

Ok, two snide remarks are probably a bit much, I did include a smiley to compensate though :smile:.

I guess I’ve become a bit cynical after 21 years of contributing stuff to abandoned projects. I’ll try to behave a bit more mild mannered next time.

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@calmh The link does still point to the old site, however the redirect takes you straight back to this one where you can activate your account (just tested this). This is on the list to fix when everything calms down in a few days though.