Partial file loss in music folder

I have a synced folder shared between my PC (Windows 10) and my phone (Android 10) that I use to share my music. Today I renamed all files inside an album folder using MusicBrainz on my PC. Both instances of Syncthing were online. After the sync was triggered half of the music tracks were renamed in my phone and half deleted in both devices. In particular, album folder had 8 tracks and track 2, 4, 6 and 8 were deleted. I renamed other files before using MusicBrainz and didn’t have this problem. Both instances are up-to-date (1.19.2)

Because file renaming and Android is involved, I’d say there’s a possibility that you might have been affected by The issue itself has been fixed, but the fix is going to land only in Syncthing v1.20.

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