parent directory of an existing folder

good morning all. when creating a new share this error message is kinda “common” with the odd brew of my system. I do understand what is happening, kinda, but not if it is actually a true problem.

Path to the folder on the local computer. Will be created if it does not exist. 
The tilde character (~) can be used as a shortcut for `/home/peter`.
Warning, this path is a parent directory of an existing folder "ISO" (3ymum-xi7xn).

Question: should I rethink it all and avoid this folder within a folder thing?

PS: I put 99% of my data on separate partitions/drives if that matters

thanks, Peter

Can you post a screenshot of the Web GUI showing the warning together with the actual folder path?

path is /media/syncspace

same message on three nodes, all are using the same path format

What about the path of the other folder, i.e. “ISO”?


Yeah, so Syncthing is correct here, as you’re trying to add a nested folder. This is normally undesirable, however there can be exceptions. What is your goal here? Are both these folders going to be shared with the same remote device (and also end up nested there)?

Nested folders ! Hummm, you’d have to cleverly deal with .stignore in the ISO folder and/or ignore the ISO directory from within the parent folder.

Whatever, having a synch’d .stignore is fine to get the same ignore list on both sides. A #include file is a cool way too.