Panic v1.4.0-rc.1

panic-20200211-144700.reported.log (139.9 KB)

Lots of panics,lots of contents in each one. St starts to load the jobs then stops. I use Synctrazor

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And probably fixed in

Thanks for reporting!

Actually can you check logs (all logs since updating to 1.4.0-rc.1 if there’s older ones) for any warnings/errors. Especially a line containing “Database schema:”.

Thanks. I’m never sure if new release bugs are new, so old ones that are not yet resolved. The logs are meaningless to me.

But I figure it’s easy to add a thread on release if no one reported it on that release.


I’ve released an rc.2 with the fix for the panic. However the underlying cause is that there is some strangeness in the database, so you might want to keep an eye open to see if there are any other oddities happening.

will do. Cheers

As in no line containing “Database schema:”? I am asking because one possible cause is with the database transition happening on upgrade, and it would be good to know if there were any anomalies regarding that for you. If you can, you may also just share the logs (privately if you’d like by private message here on the forums or email).

I made the update to v1.4.0 rc2 on all Windows 10 devices with success. In the logs there was nothing found regarding “Database schema:”.

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I searched through the logs and ‘Database schema’ doesn’t appear.


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